Snapon Scrunchie Hair Tie Craft

Hair ties, like this Snap-on Scrunchie, are as fun to wear as they are to make.

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It's no secret that most girls love to decorate their hair. Using these projects, you can make girls' hair tie crafts of your own. The possibilities are endless! Ponytails will never look the same.

Make girls' hair ties for any occasion, be it a holiday, a dance performance, or a school event. Or make girl's hair ties for no occasion at all. These wearable crafts are also fit for everyday wear.

­Follow the links to start making fancy and fun hair tie crafts of your own:

Ponytail Wheel Hair Tie

Ribbons and bright colors give hair ties a fun twist.

Snap-on Scrunchie Hair Tie

Make your hair tie fit your mood in this changeable kids' craft.

Ponytail Puff Hair Tie

This fluffy hair tie is fit for a ballerina.

Bring a bright wheel of color to hair in the first hair tie craft.

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