Upcycled charm bracelet

Credit: DotatDabbled/instructables.com

Making your own jewelry is one of the easiest, most personal projects you can take on as a DIYer; whether you choose to repurpose puzzle pieces, credit cards, eyeglasses, or scraps of fabric, a little creativity and a handful of supplies will give you a one-of-a-kind piece that shows off your personality. Ready to add to your collection? This Instructables tutorial shows you how to make a simple bracelet from fishing tackle and plastic.

The materials are easy to find—brass barrel swivels from the fishing store (or see if your grandpa has any left in his tackle box), clear #6 plastic (check your take-out containers), and colored markers. Use the markers to brighten up the clear plastic with your favorite colors, and then use a scrapbooking punch to cut out circles (or use scissors for less precise shapes). The next step is baking the plastic to make it a little smaller, so cut your original piece a little larger than you want your charms. After baking, spray them with acrylic top coat to seal in the color, and then string the circles onto the hooks for a custom charm bracelet.

You can use the same process to make other personalized pieces, too—use extra barrels to make a necklace, or get creative with the colors and shapes of your plastic to make your jewelry stand out even more—and since the main pieces are made from upcycled materials, you can reduce waste at the same time.