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How to Make Kids' Pins

Learn how to make kids' pins that dazzle, endear, and charm with their creativity. From simple designs that utilize recycled materials to a brooch made from old buttons, these kids' crafts appeal to kids' imaginations.

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  • Crafting Jewelry for Kids
    Crafting Jewelry for Kids

    Making jewelry doesn't have to be expensive or difficult. Show your children how easy it can be to make their own jewelry! See more »

  • Easy Nail Art for Kids
    Easy Nail Art for Kids

    Looking for a great wearable craft for kids? Look no further than your fingertips. Patterns and step-by-step instructions in this article result in easy nail art for kids. There are everyday designs and even special designs for the holidays. See more »

  • Edible Jewelry
    Edible Jewelry

    Little girls have always loved candy necklaces and bracelets. Here are a few more ideas along the same lines that are good for any kid. See more »

  • How to Decorate Kids' Jackets
    How to Decorate Kids' Jackets

    Kids love to create things and wear items that reflect their own individual style. And, while they craft out their jackets, they're learning a few new skills, too. The following articles give step-by-step instructions on how to decorate kids jackets. See more »

  • How to Decorate Kids' Shirts
    How to Decorate Kids' Shirts

    Who needs a boring shirt when you can turn any kids' shirt into a wearable craft? Just a little bit of handiwork will positively transform an old shirt. These kids' shirt crafts brighten any wardrobe! See more »

  • How to Decorate Kids' Sweatshirts
    How to Decorate Kids' Sweatshirts

    Decorating sweatshirts can be a fun and simple kids activity. With these wearable craft ideas, you can decorate a sweatshirt to wear yourself or to give away as a present. Find out more with these easy decorating ideas. See more »

  • How to Make a Mask
    How to Make a Mask

    Spark your child's imagination with this easy, creative project that is perfect for a class craft activity, scout troop, or birthday party. See more »

  • How to Make Button Covers for Kids
    How to Make Button Covers for Kids

    Button covers are a great way for kids to spruce up any simple button-down shirt. The covers can change your buttons and shirt from ordinary to stunning without having to use a needle and thread. Learn how to make button covers. See more »

  • How to Make Girls' Dresses
    How to Make Girls' Dresses

    Learn how to make girls' dresses for dress-up games or to wear to a party. Try out basic sewing and fabric techniques while working on the project, then have something new to show off -- or play in. See more »

  • How to Make Girls' Hair Barrettes
    How to Make Girls' Hair Barrettes

    Barrettes can look pretty or whimsical or glitzy -- it all depends on the materials used. But you don't have to buy your hair accessories; you can make barrettes yourself. It's a fun craft that lets you make your own fashion statement. See more »

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