Jean Maurice/Getty Images


I'm the first to admit that I have too many t-shirts?and even though I never wear them, I find it almost impossible to give them away (for some reason, this is especially true of any shirt I wore in high school). Then the bottom fell out: literally, my t-shirt drawer broke from the stress of holding all the shirts I never wear. That taught me two things: it's time to get rid of some shirts, and, when it comes to build-it-yourself furniture, you get what you pay for.

Then, in searching for ways to re-use my old tees, I came across these instructions for making a bag on the website of a textile artist based in California. She says her 10-year-old son came up with the idea?which means its simple enough for anyone with a sewing machine and a stack of old t-shirts; add a lining and you?ve got a reusable bag just right for that next trip to the farmers' market. Now I?m looking forward to cleaning out that drawer?although maybe of just my college t-shirts. The high school ones can stay.

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