How to Decorate Girls' T-Shirts

You'll have a ball as you decorate girls' t-shirts like the Tie-Dye Bouquet shirt here.

Decorate girls' t-shirts and you'll discover one of the easiest wearable crafts you can do. You can start with a plain t-shirt that you probably already have at home. From that blank canvas you can create a beautiful, and comfortable to wear, piece of art.

Girls will love the opportunity to put flowers, hearts, and spunky scraps on their clothes. These t-shirt project kids' crafts will help you get started.

Follow the links to start decorating girls' t-shirts:

Happenin' Heart T-Shirt

You'll fall in love with this easy-to-do heart t-shirt.

Tie-Dyed and Pleated T-Shirt

This folded and dyed t-shirt recalls a bygone era.

Scrappy Scrunchy & T-Shirt

Fabric scraps look great in the hair and on a t-shirt.

Springtime Shadow Applique T-Shirt

The t-shirt gets sophisticated in this lovely wearable craft.

Tie-Dye Bouquet T-Shirt

Bright tie-dye blooms in a bouquet on this t-shirt.

Let the t-shirt decorating love begin with a craft you'll heart on the next page.

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