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T-shirt Crafts

If you have extra t-shirts around, why not turn them into a craft project? See these tips and craft ideas for having fun with t-shirts.

How to Decorate Girls' T-Shirts

Decorate girls' t-shirts and you'll discover one of the easiest wearable crafts you can do. You can start with a plain t-shirt that you probably already have at home. From that blank canvas you can create a beautiful piece of art.

How to Decorate Kids' T-Shirts

Looking for a cool wearable craft kids can make, too? Learn how to decorate kids' T-shirts. Find great kids' T-shirt decorating ideas in this article. See more »

How to Decorate Girls' T-Shirts

The creative possibilities of wearable crafts are endless with these girls' t-shirt crafts. Read on to learn how to decorate girls' t-shirts. See more »

How to Decorate Boys' T-Shirts

Wearable crafts that boys can enjoy are easy to do. Read on to find out how to make boys' t-shirt crafts that will sing with creativity. See more »