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Math Games for Kids

How Many Squares?

It sounds easier than it is, but have your children figure out exactly how many squares there really are on a checkerboard.

What You'll Need:

  • Checkerboard

How to Play How Many Squares:

Step 1: Your kids can easily see all the small squares on a checkerboard, but don't let them forget about all the other squares that are made by combining the small ones. Don't just count the small squares -- count every square. That means each small square counts as one square.

Step 2: A hint for your children is that each group of four squares becomes a bigger square, and is counted as one square. And then each group of 16 squares becomes another square that is counted. Count them all.

Step 3: Try this one day and then on another day -- did your children come up with the same number of squares each time? Keep trying!

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