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Fossil Activities for Kids

Fossil Finder
Use an old toothbrush and a shovel to become a fossil finder.
Use an old toothbrush and a shovel to become a fossil finder.
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Kids can become fossil finders by searching for fossils in the making. Best of all, they can look right in their own back yards.

What You'll Need:

  • Small garden shovel
  • Work gloves
  • Old toothbrush

How to Become a Fossil Finder:

Step 1: Make sure to give kids permission before they dig in any part of a landscaped yard. When they start digging, make sure they do so carefully with a small work shovel and gloves.

Step 2: Leaves or dead bugs will be embedded in the soil. When kids find one, they can use an old toothbrush to carefully remove excess dirt from the "fossil."

Step 3: See if it's possible to gently remove the bug or plant. Is there an impression left where the bug once was? Now imagine -- left undisturbed, that very bug might have been transformed into a fossil millions of years into the future. See how the future is connected to the past?

Find fossils hidden within building structures in the next section.

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