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Summer Crafts

Try these summer crafts to help keep kids busy and entertained during the long days of summer. Check out our ideas for fun and easy summer crafts.

Marble Activities for Kids

Marble activities for kids are great for outdoor, summer fun. Learn how to turn a simple game into a challenge with these marble activities for kids.

Fruit Bouquet and Centerpiece

This fruit bouquet and centerpiece is a gorgeous and tasty decoration. Learn how to create a fruit bouquet and centerpiece. See more »

Craft a Picture Frame

Craft a picture frame enhanced with your kids' handiwork. Learn to craft a picture frame at TLC Family. See more »

Crafting a Windsock

Crafting a windsock makes windy days more exciting as a fluttering windsock blows on the breeze. Learn to craft a windsock. See more »

Good Samaritan Games and Activities

Good Samaritan games and activities for kids teaches how to show compassion for others. Learn about good Samaritan activities at HowStuffWorks. See more »

High-Flying Activities for Kids

High-flying activities for kids set kids' imaginations soaring as they make paper kites and say hello by balloon. See high-flying activities for kids. See more »

Hiking Activities for Kids

Hiking activities for kids help kids explore the great outdoors with educational and eco-friendly activities. Learn about hiking activities for kids. See more »

Lake and River Activities

Lake and river activities let kids explore local aquatic life. Learn about aquatic plants and animals with these lake and river activities for kids. See more »

Water Games for Kids

Water games for kids incorporates a little sport, a lot of learning and loads of fun. Learn more about water games for kids for summertime fun. See more »

Shadow Fun Activities

Shadow fun activities for kids let kids play with shadows while learning about the sun and time. See how these shadow fun activities for kids are done. See more »

Hiking Games for Kids

Hiking games for kids teach valuable survival skills while entertaining at the same time. Learn hiking games your kids can play with friends. See more »