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Spring Crafts

These spring crafts articles are full of exciting activities that tie in with the season of rebirth. Find refreshing and imaginative spring crafts here.

Nature Activities for Kids

Nature activities for kids let kids get their hands dirty while learning about the environment. Learn more about nature activities for kids.

Easter Hat Centerpiece or Spring Table Favors

This classic crafting idea makes a clever Easter table centerpiece, and it requires very little time or money. Learn how to create Easter hats from styrofoam cups. See more »

Flower Power

Nothing says spring like flowers. This super-easy craft is easy to personalize and makes for a good bonding activity. See more »

Decorative Flower Pot

Another craft that can as easy or as intricate as you please, decorating a flower pot can be a great gift for anyone with a green thumb. See more »

Spring Has Sprung: It's Basket Time

This easy craft can start in the spring and continue all year long, just by repurposing a single basket. See how! See more »

Spring Wreaths

Spring wreaths are fun to hang around the house to spread cheer. This craft can be super easy or moderately simple, depending on the age of the child doing the craft. See more »

Yummy Spring Bird's Nests

Not only does this recipe make for a yummy desert, but it's also a really pretty place setting that just screams Spring. See more »

Rainy Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

Your kids may love playing video games when it's yucky outside, but check out these rainy day activities for some new options. See more »

Mud Activities and Games for Kids

Nothing beats outdoor fun, especially when it involves mud activities and games for kids. Have a blast with these mud activities and games for kids. See more »

Pebble Games and Activities for Kids

Pebble games and activities for kids don't require many supplies. All you need are the right rocks! Learn more about pebble games and activities for kids. See more »

Spring Holiday Crafts for Kids

Spring holiday crafts for kids are a great way to usher in the season. The activities in this article can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Check out the fun food crafts we have gathered for you here. See more »