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Fall Crafts

Try these fall crafts to help children celebrate the special time of autumn. Get ideas for engaging fall crafts using leaves, gourds and more.

Back-to-School Crafts

The start of the school year is a great time for extra special back-to-school crafts. Sometimes activities related to school can help get kids enthused for the upcoming year. Try out these fun crafts like the Corn Husk Doll or the Leaf Stencil.

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Writing Activities for Kids

Writing activities for kids are a great way to sharpen kids' writing skills and get them interested in writing. Learn writing activities for kids. See more »

After-School Activities

After-school activities for kids engage kids in physical and educational play long. Try these after-school activities for kids. See more »

Back-to-School Crafts

Back-to-school crafts include indoor and outdoor projects to keep kids busy all season. Learn more about back-to-school crafts for kids. See more »

After-School Games

After-school games for kids allow kids to let off some steam at the end of the day. Learn how to play interesting after-school games for kids. See more »

Back-to-School Activities

Back-to-school activities help kids transition from summer to fall by getting creative. Learn about back-to-school activities for your kids. See more »

Yarn Crafts

Yarn crafts are fun for kids. Make no-sew fabric and art crafts such as a woven wall hanging, string art, a fancy boa, tassels and a weaving frame. See more »

How to Make Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper crafts for kids turn a thoughtful gift into a complete package. Learn to make paper crafts that take gifts to the next level. See more »

Moon Festival Mooncakes for Kids

Mooncakes are delicious treats for kids to make during the Chinese Moon Festival in September. Learn about Moon Festival crafts for kids. See more »

Oktoberfest Activities

Oktoberfest activities are a fun way to celebrate fall. Learn how to make these apple crafts, pumpkin crafts, and leaf crafts with your kids. See more »