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I imagine that if I were alien to Christmas customs, the tree ornaments would be one of the toughest concepts for me to really put my hands around. There's just something so strange about chopping down a tree and dragging it into a home just to hang funky little toys and balls on it and put presents under it.

But hey, I grew up celebrating Christmas, so I love it and rarely question it. But despite my sentimental allegiance to this holiday, ornaments just don't fully register with me. At least not on an environmental note. It's so easy to just make tree ornaments from items we've all got lying around. Why in the world do we support this industry that sustains itself by making a product, often times plastic, that is used for 1/12 of the year or less?

Is it such a crazy idea to just make your tree ornaments yourself?

Set a good example at the office this year and offer

up some tree ornaments made from recycled and natural items. They'll not only be unique and warrant attention, but who knows, maybe you'll be able to rub some green love off on everyone else, too.

At a loss for ideas?