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10 Unique Wall Art Displays

Adding unique wall art displays is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of any room.
Adding unique wall art displays is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of any room.
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Walls are the biggest canvases in your house. But when you look around, you may see that these canvases might not be doing anything to enhance your home. Maybe scratches and scuffs make your walls look dingy. Perhaps your youngest took the "canvas" part a little too literally with his crayons and markers. It could be that your vision is clouded by out-of-date, orange and gold wallpaper that saw the presidency of Jimmy Carter. Or your pristine, new, builder-beige walls are lackluster and uninspiring.

Whatever the reason, many of us have been disappointed with our wall décor -- or lack thereof. So, what do you do when that 30-year-old wallpaper just doesn't do the trick anymore? Or the bare walls of your beautiful new home leave you and your guests yawning in boredom? The answer is simple -- liven things up with unique, creative wall art displays.

Hitting local galleries and artists' collectives would be one fun and exciting way to secure a wide variety of cleverly conceived wall art. But it could also be quite pricey. If you're on a budget, a better option would be to take the matter into your own hands by creating your own wall décor. If you can afford it, pick up one key professional art piece that you simply can't live without; not only will it make you happy, but it could inspire your own creative efforts.

Read on to learn how you can create your own wall art using metal, glass, old album covers, stencils and natural materials.

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