Old Kitchen Containers
Yes, that old iron skillet would look great in your garden, but cast iron rusts easily, so it won't make a good home for your plants.

Cast iron rusts easily, so anything made from the material won't make a good home for your plants.

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Dishes, pots, cookie tins and baskets all have excellent planter potential. Of course, drainage will have to be achieved with the appropriate drill bit and a certain amount of care in the case of glass or ceramic items. As with the other recycled planters, simply fill with soil and plant away once your drainage holes have been established.

Besides being a great use for old or cracked dishes, you can also convert used pots and pans into planters. Use a metal drill bit to create holes, then paint your pots and pans, remove the handles or make other aesthetic alterations to suit your personal vision! Not all materials are ideal, however. Cast iron could rust, and it's possible for some other metals to have reactions with minerals in the soil. Be sure you know what a container is made from before you use it as a planter, and inspect it thoroughly before you start your project.