Old Bathroom Fixtures

Adding a sink will undoubtedly make your garden more unique, but it's still important to keep your plant growth in check.


If you want the most unique garden in the neighborhood, toss in an old commode amongst your greens. One of the coolest and most conversation-starting planters are those made out of old sinks, sink basins, bathtubs and, yes, even toilets.

To turn your old bathroom fixtures into planters, begin by setting up the piece you've selected for drainage. All these items should already have drains, so unlike most of the selections on this list, you don't need to worry about drilling any holes. However, the drains on bathroom fixtures are usually a bit too large for gardening needs, so to prevent water from rushing out too quickly, place a layer of rocks above the hole and along the bottom of your piece. If the planter will be inside, you'll need to place a mat or small bucket beneath the opening to catch any leaks.

Once the fixture's draining system is set up, you're ready to get dirty. Just pack in your potting soil and choose the plants you'd like to use.