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Raid the Recycling Bin: 10 Recycled Crafts

Glass Jar Hangers
Keep the sand separate until your ready to pour!
Keep the sand separate until your ready to pour!

If there's one thing that kids love, it's colored sand. They go crazy for the stuff. That makes this project a great bet for a good time. Take some glass jars and wash and dry them. Then get together a nice variety of colored sand from your local craft store. Have your kids layer the sand with different colors, showing them the technique of tilting the jar to form new colored patterns inside. Or put a stick through the sand to create even more pattern. Once the jars are filled, screw on the lids and hang them wherever you need a little fun and color in your house. Small jars can be hung from the tops of windowsills, while larger jars make great garden art.

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