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Rarely a winter goes by where you don't see an orphan mitten lying in the snow, and we all probably have that mitten sitting in our closet missing its mate. Who knows? You might find a matching mitten, but I doubt it. You are stuck with a single mitten for the rest of your life. You?ll never be able to use it. You will be haunted by this mitten in your dreams. Or will you? Here are some suggestions for mitten reuse.

1. Mitten Pocket A simple wool mitten can be used to replace or repair a hoodie pocket. If you love your hoodie, you are going to wear it and possibly wear it out. Most hoodies pockets are essentially mitten-shaped outpouchings. If hoodie pocket becomes too dilapidated or completely destroyed, you can replace it with a mitten. This will only work with simple, cloth mittens.

2. Drawstring Mitten Bag You can create a drawstring bag from a mitten and use it to store marbles or drawstrings.Thread a piece of nylon cord through the mitten's cuff. If the mitten is lined, you should be able to use the lining as a drawstring channel. Otherwise you may have to build a channel. For more information check out this tutorial on building a drawstring bags.

3. Hamster Bedding You can throw the old mitten into your hamster cage and the rodent will chew it up and use it for bedding.

4. Ice Scraper Mitten Get a drill, a punch or an awl and a nylon cord. Drill a hole in the bottom of your ice scraper. Thread the cord through. Attach the cord to the mitten. The scraper is now attached to the mitten. You will never find yourself without a mitten when you need one.

5. Mitten Duster Use that mitten as a duster. It's reusable and washable and it fits conveniently on your hand. It's not so hard to clean corners anymore.