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Neckties. Most guys own at least one. I have one that I wear to interviews and one that I wear to funerals and one that I wear to weddings/fancy-dress events. As far as I can tell, neckties don't really serve a purpose. They just seem to be worn out of courtesy for tradition. If a guy puts on a necktie, he is showing that he cares about a certain situation enough to wear a useless fabric noose around his neck.  But traditions are traditions and God forbid that anyone should question them.  It strikes me as ironic that reuses for neckties are actually more useful than the necktie itself. They can be repurposed into a whole horde of things. This is good news, because most neckties are painfully ugly and often unwearable. I have a theory that if you place bottom in clothing design school, you end up making neckties. OK. Not that funny of a joke. Let's move on. I've snooped around the internet and found ten fun uses for neckties. Here they are.

1. Guitar Strap Needlepointers suggests turning an old necktie into a guitar strap.  They warn that this will probably only work with smaller guitars. But why not banjos or ukuleles? 

2. A Thong Bikini Craftster has found a way to turn a necktie into a woman's bikini bottom. Jennifer Aniston was recently photographed in just a tie, but she wasn't wearing the tie as pants. 

3. A Snake Door Draft Catcher Galoosh on Thriftyfun came up with this idea.  Galoosh says, "Unstitch the narrow end of the tie and stuff the center with batting or other filler. (Most ties will require reinforcing of the opposite pointed wide.) Stitch it closed! Then take the wide pointed end of the tie and glue on eyes and a felt tongue. Voila`! Instant Snake Door Draft Catcher." Reducing drafts can save on your energy bills and help the old planet. 

4. Belts  Almost every website about tie-reusal suggests that the old tie be used as a belt for pants. I will repeat this tip one more time. Ties can be reused as a belts. 

5. Quilt has a recipe for a quilt made from ties. It looks pretty snazzy. 

6. Make a Bag Craftbits has a great article on how to make a bag out of neckties. 

7. You can reupholster a chair with neckties Home envy has some great tips for upholstering with neckties. 

8. Skirts The DIY network has a piece on how to make a skirt out of neckties.

9. Make a Necktie Coffee Sleeve Keep your hand cozy with a necktie coffee sleeve by DIY life.  10. Necktie Tampon Cozy Crafter came up with this so your tampons can stay cozy. Make your own scrubs and conditioners; upcycle old clothes and turn them into new accessories--learn how with Planet Green Fashion & Beauty.