Recycled Crafts

Recycled crafts allow you to reuse glass, plastic, cloth, paper and metal in order to beautify your surroundings. Recycled crafts are also a lot of fun to make and a great way to spend time with your kids.

Don't just throw out those old clothes! They might come handy in some of these recycled cloth crafts.

Even the youngest members of the family can help out with these projects. Read about recycled crafts for kids.

Recycled craft projects are an environmentally-friendly way to express your creativity. Plus, you almost never run out of usable materials. In this section you'll find some fun ideas for recycled craft projects.

One must take care when crafting with glass, but the results can be beautiful. Get some ideas for recycled glass crafts in these articles.

You can put all those empty aluminum cans and tin cans to good use with these recycled metal crafts. Read more in these articles.

Whether you've got spare milk jugs or soda bottles or plastic bags, these recycling crafts can put them to good use.