Quilting has long been a favorite pastime of crafters, and the results are often beautiful and unique. These articles will show you everything from the basic tools you'll need to how to finish your first creation.
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Before beginning your nextQuilting project, you should wash your quilt fabrics. Learn tips on prewashing fabric beforeQuilting, including how to wash dark colors and shrinkable fabric like cotton.

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Gossamer Wings Quilt Block

The Gossamer Wings quilt block is a perfect choice for your garden-themed quilt -- or any quilt design for that matter! Find the free quilt block download and more in this article.

Rickrack Quilt Border Pattern

The Rickrack Quilt Border Pattern incorporates rickrack trim into its design, resulting in a border with a charming, homespun look. Download a great quilt border and instructions on how to make it in this article.

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