light switch plate craft

Decorate your light switch plates to complement the room's design.


Your local hardware shop or big box store probably carry pre-painted light switch plates that appeal to kids, but how about letting your family get creative instead?

  • Light switch plate (preferably wooden, found at most craft stores)
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint (craft paint for wooden light switch plates; something more durable for plastic plates)
  • Optional: Stamps, stencils, stickers or other craft materials (optional)

Obviously, there are many ways to go with this project, but let's start with a colorful base coat of your kid's favorite color of paint. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Now its time to get creative: kids can press down thumbprints or handprints for a personalized approach, they can paint designs that appeal to them, or follow a theme already in the room.

Stamps, stencils or magic markers can be used for a more uniform outcome. Glitter or scraps of wallpaper can add interest, too. Kids might also create a collage with stickers, postage stamps and other paper mementos.