Colorful Carnation is an innovative indoor craft that will brighten your kid\'s day.

Colorful Carnation is an innovative indoor activity that will brighten your kid's day.

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Pass the time with easy indoor activities for kids on a cold or rainy day. Offer your kids an activity that gets them interacting with plants or animals and teaches them valuable skills.

Let your kids learn by doing and by observation, and stimulate their sense of wonder about the natural world. Challenge them physically while teaching them at the same time.

On the following pages, you'll get great ideas for indoor activities to teach your kids.

Cat Walking

Teach your kids how to walk like a cat -- it's a lot harder than you think! Read about this easy indoor activity and watch your kids have fun.

Colorful Carnation

This innovative indoor activity teaches kids how flowers "drink" water. Learn how to prepare a colorful carnation, and watch the water disappear.

Cat walking encourages kids to try to walk like a cat. Learn how to play Cat Walking on the next page.

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