pinecone flowers

Glue fallen pine cones onto cardboard and add other nature items to create pine cone flowers.

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Pine Cone Flowers

With a little creativity, your children can turn ordinary pine cones into pretty pine cone flowers.

What You'll Need:
  • Pine cones
  • Knife
  • Craft glue
  • Cardboard
  • Twigs or dry grass
  • Dried leaves
  • Large seeds or small alder cones
  • Spray paint or glitter (optional)
How to Make Pine Cone Flowers:

Step 1: Have your children collect small pine cones outdoors. Brush off dirt or leaves. If the cones are closed, dry them in a warm oven for several hours until they open.

Step 2: Help your children to cut the pine cones in half. They can use a large blob of strong glue to glue the bottom halves of the pine cones to the piece of cardboard. Glue on twigs or dry grass to represent flower stems. Glue dried leaves on the twigs. Allow to dry completely before moving.

Step 3: Your kids can make smaller flowers by pulling the bracts from the cones and gluing them individually to the board in a flower shape. Use a large seed or a tiny alder cone for a center.

Step 4: Pine cone flowers look nice plain, but they can be dressed up with silver or gold paint or spray paint for holiday decorations. They could also dip the cones in glue, then roll in glitter before gluing to the board.

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