Watch kids build muscle with the Milk Bottle Workout.

Watch kids build muscle with the milk bottle workout.

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Milk Bottle Workout

A milk bottle workout is a great way to get kids pumping iron without buying a lot of expensive equipment. Milk this activity for all the fitness you can!

What You'll Need:
  • Clean, used one-quart plastic milk bottles
  • Pebbles

How to Play Milk Bottle Workout:Step 1: Fill two one-quart plastic milk bottles with pebbles. How many times can you lift those milk bottles, one in each hand, over your head before your arms get tired?

Step 2: How many times can you touch the bottles together behind your back? In front of you? How many times can you touch your toes with the bottles?

Step 3: Try this game once a week and see if your numbers improve.

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