Paper Activities

Paper activities like these Intersecting Circles can keep kids interested for the long haul.

Paper craft activities are fun and challenging for kids of all ages. They're easy to make, they bump kids' creativity into high gear, and supplies are easy to come by.

So gather up scissors, pencils, and (of course) paper, and spend some quality time on these terrific crafts. Use our instructions as a starting point -- don't be afraid to personalize these crafts with some original creative flair!

Cartoon Caper

Kids will delight in bringing their drawings to life as they make their own cartoons!

Intersecting Circles

Introduce kids to the Venn diagram used in science and math with this great paper activity.

Silly Sandwiches

The good news about these paper craft sandwiches? No refrigeration necessary.

Cutout Collage

Teach kids to craft an entirely new image from fragments of color.

Personal Headlines

Extra! Extra! Keep friends and family up to date with this paper activity.

Wing It

An ordinary piece of paper teaches how airplanes lift us off the ground in this exciting activity.

Keep reading to learn how to bring drawings to life in our first craft.

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