sponge sculptures

Sculpt yourself a sponge boat to sail along the bathtub waters.


Sculpture crafts for kids are so easy and fun to make. Once completed, the finished products can adorn bedrooms, bathrooms, or the living room. You could even give your masterpiece to someone else as a gift.

The best thing about making sculpture crafts is that you don't need to be a master to create a masterpiece. The designs don't need to be perfect -- in fact, those imperfections are what make your crafts unique. Just make sure an adult is nearby for some of these crafts since you might need a sharp knife.

Follow the links below to learn how to create sculpture crafts:

Assembled Sculpture

Find everyday items around your house and make your own unique design.

Sponge Sculpture

Spruce up your bathtub with this sculpture made from sponges and watch them grow.

Soap Sculptures

No need to buy fancy soap figurines when you can make your own soap sculpture. Learn more.

Keep reading to learn how to construct your own sculpture out of objects lying around the house.

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