Game pieces, step 1

Step 1: Cut two identical shapes from craft foam.

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Game Pieces

Design custom game pieces for your family and friends, or replace missing pieces from your favorite board game. It's easy to do when you follow the simply instructions for this craft. You just might want to use your custom-made game piece with every game you play.

What You'll Need

Craft foam (available at craft stores)

Blunt scissors

Permanent markers

Craft glue

How to Make Game Pieces

Step 1: Cut two identical shapes from the foam. Cut geometric shapes such as a square, circle, or hexagon to replace missing pieces from a board game, or customize the pieces for your family or friends.

Step 2: On both pieces, draw the features of a friend or family member -- same color eyes, hair, and so on. Add earrings, a hat, or any other feature that represents that person.

Step 3: In the top of one shape and the bottom of the other, cut a slit about 1/2 of the length of the shape. Fit the shapes together.

Game pieces, last step

Step 4: Glue a circle to the connected pieces.

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Step 4: Cut a circle about the same size as the shapes from the foam. Glue the circular base to the game piece. Let the glue dry.

You won't need a game piece to get "hooked" on the twist-tie pickup game. Keep reading to learn more about it.

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