How to Make Educational Games

Brain Teaser Art uses similar shapes to trick the eye.

Brain Teaser Art

When you and your kids make Brain Teaser Art, be sure to count your shapes as you draw the picture or you could end up teasing yourself.

How to Make Brain Teaser ArtWhat You'll Need:
  • Paper
  • Stencil Shapes (available at office supply, craft, or art stores)
  • Pencil
  • Markers

Step One: Use a stencil to create pictures out of geometric designs. Try a butterfly with lots of circles within circles or a house with squares for windows, shutters, chimneys, and even bricks.

Step Two: Keep track of the number of shapes you draw. If you want, use markers to make your brainteaser a kaleidoscope of color.

Step Three: When you're finished, challenge a friend or family member to count the shapes.

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