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Chain mail has a long and important history as protective armor (Wikipedia says the oldest known pieces are from Romania, circa the fourth century BC), and while you might not need to wear it as a defense mechanism anymore, weaving your own from soda tabs

Of course, you might not be able to get started right away: the instructions call for a starting quantity of at least 1,000 tabs. And while we obviously don't recommend upping your soda intake (for health and environmental reasons) just to make chain mail, start collecting from your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers, and you might be surprised at how quickly they add up. In addition, you'll need a staple remover, a pair of metal cutters, and an old key. Use the key to bend the part that connects to the can backward until the tab is flat; then use the cutters to snap the middle of the ring you grab with your thumb (when you're popping open a can). Place your flat, cut tab in the middle of the staple remover to bend it slightly in half, short-ways.

When you have a batch ready to go, connect them by putting two tabs through the open part of a third