scrapbooking supplies

There are crafters with bins and closets full of papers, bobbles, bits and glues. Ever wondered what all of that stuff really is?


Maybe your idea of working with crafts involves pinning other people's projects to virtual bulletin boards on Pinterest or ordering custom greeting cards from an Etsy shop, but in all likelihood, there are more than a few craft items in your home ready to use right now. Some individuals -- overachievers or not -- have bins and closets full of papers, bobbles, bits and glues, and rooms with tables and boards and paper for putting it all together, but what are they working with and is there something extreme or in between that may strike your crafting fancy?

We've assembled some crafting terms for those who dabble and for those who may be going head-to-head until the best crafts win, so uncap the glue gun and clear the clutter from the kitchen table. Your next project may just be frame-worthy, gift-able or even a money maker. At worst, it will be sticky, glittery and fun.