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Science Projects for Kids: Crystals and Minerals

Animal, vegetable, or mineral? The answer is simple if you're starting science projects for kids: crystals and minerals -- crystals and minerals make a great subject.

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  • 10 Popular Craft Projects

    10 Popular Craft Projects

    Whether you're looking for a way to spend rainy days at home or hoping to launch a profitable business, crafting is a popular pastime among men, women and children of all ages. But you might need a little help finding the right project. Choose one from this list, and you can't go wrong. See more »

  • Craft Glossary

    Craft Glossary

    There are crafters with bins and closets full of papers, bobbles, bits and glues. Ever wondered what all of that stuff really is? Use our handy craft glossary to find out! See more »

  • Crafting or Not: Do you know the difference?

    Crafting or Not: Do you know the difference?

    Consider yourself a master crafter? Take this quiz to see if you've got what it takes to tackle some of these lesser known crafts. See more »

  • From Tie-dye to Tuna Cans: Crafting Trends Through the Decades

    From Tie-dye to Tuna Cans: Crafting Trends Through the Decades

    Find out how much you really know about the progression of crafting as a hobby, a lifestyle, a living and a cultural mirror over the centuries. See more »

  • Art Crafts

    Art Crafts

    Exercise your imagination by working on an art craft. These projects are simple and fun, but you'll be impressed with what you've accomplished when you see the results. Check out our huge assortment of crafty activities! See more »

  • Art Pictures

    Art Pictures

    Run out of ideas for your latest art project? Try these art pictures and revitalize your creative instincts. Each project includes step-by-step instructions and pictures. See more »

  • Art Techniques

    Art Techniques

    Art techniques for kids give a much-needed twist to standard drawing or crafts. Check out our newest ideas, from tesselation to grease casting. See more »

  • Clay Crafts

    Clay Crafts

    Ready to get your hands dirty? Sculpting is a fun way to create new objects for the home or experiment with new shapes. The best part, though, is that we've got an assortment of clay recipes you can make out of ordinary household materials. See more »

  • Collage Crafts

    Collage Crafts

    Collage crafts for kids are not limited to scraps of newspapers and magazines pasted onto a piece of construction paper. Your child can utilize a variety of common household products to create a collage masterpiece. Check out these ideas. See more »

  • Decorative Crafts for Kids

    Decorative Crafts for Kids

    What's more exciting for a kid than decorating his or her very own room? Making those decorations from scratch! Chech out these decorative projects that will put your child's unique personality on display. See more »

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