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Flower Crafts for Kids

Flower Bottles

Flower bottles make great gifts for anyone who likes dried flowers. A flower bottle is similar to a ship in a bottle but even prettier. The bottle will protect the flowers for years to come. What You'll Need:

  • Bottles or wide-mouth jars
  • Dried, small flowers, seed pods, and seed heads
  • Sand
  • Plaster of Paris
  • Long tweezers
  • Cork

How To Make Flower Bottles:

Step 1: Collect bottles, such as salad dressing or vinegar bottles. (Keep in mind, little fingers may work better using wide-mouthed jars. If necessary, use peanut butter or canning jars instead.) Clean and dry the bottles and remove labels. You can also buy attractive bottles at a crafts store.

Step 2: Now collect small flowers, seed pods, and seed heads. Keep the size of your bottles in mind as you collect your flowers.

Step 3: Dry your flowers, seed pods, and seed heads.

Step 4: Cut the stems to different lengths to form a pleasing arrangement.

Step 5: Mix two parts clean sand with one part plaster of Paris. Add enough water to make a thick liquid. Pour one or two inches of the mixture into the bottle.

Step 6: Stick the stems inside the bottle into the sand mixture using the tweezers to help you.

Step 7: Allow the sand mixture to dry. Close the bottle with a cork.

You can also make small dried flower scenes by using low, wide jars instead of bottles. Add small figurines or polished rocks and decorate the lid of the jar.

On the next page, find out about some real stranger-than-fiction flowers, and make your own crazy flower.

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