Splurge-Worthy Crafting Tools

Regardless what your hobby is, if you use a tool often enough, you need a quality version of it.

Cavan Images/Iconica/Getty Images

Voila! Another masterpiece finished! You step back from the table and admire your handiwork, noting that you could very well become the next Martha Stewart. Crafting, or the process of creating something, captures the imagination of many people because it can be a way to unlock some creative energy and make beautiful things. With so many options, such as jewelry making, woodworking, sewing, scrapbooking, and stitching, just about anyone can find something crafty to do.

However, crafting can also be a slippery slope. Each type often requires its own tools, and buying them can certainly add up. While you don't necessarily need to pick out the most expensive tools in the store, there are certainly areas where it's better to spend a few extra dollars and invest in some quality equipment. Check out these 10 tools that can help you take your projects to the next level.