Toy soldiers made from wooden spoons stand at attention.

Veterans Day Crafts for Kids

Show your favorite soldier how much you appreciate his or her contribution with these Veterans Day crafts.

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate the men and women who have served the United States in the armed forces. The holiday is observed on November 11, and was first celebrated in 1919.

This date was chosen because on November 11, 1918, the armistice to end World War I was signed -- this is also why in many countries people call the holiday Armistice Day.

Below are links to Veterans Day crafts:

Victorious Veteran Pins

Soldiers are honored with medals and pins during wartime. But even after the war is over, you can still honor them with these colorful pins.

Marching Songs

You can stage your own Veterans Day parade with these marching songs you write yourself.

Wooden Spoon Soldiers

Create an army of wooden-spoon soldiers to help guard the food at your Veterans Day picnic with this fun craft.

Patriotic Raindrops

Rained on your Veterans Day parade? Don't worry! You can still be patriotic with these yummy raindrops.

Your local veterans will appreciate the victory pins you'll learn how to make on the next page.

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Create Veterans Day pins to honor the soldiers you know.

Victorious Veteran Pins

Award these colorful pins to the brave veterans at the Veterans Day parade.

What You'll Need:

Large safety pins

Colored beads to fit on pins

White glue

Waxed paper



It is traditional to honor brave soldiers with medals, pins, and ribbons. Long after the war, you can show veterans that you have not forgotten their courageous acts. Make these victory pins, and give them to your local veteran's association to distribute.

To make one, thread colored beads onto the pin side of a large safety pin. You could use only red, white, and blue beads for a patriotic flair. Or you can use purple for a Purple Heart pin, or use white beads for peace.

Glue the beads onto the pin. Let them dry on waxed paper. Tie a little ribbon onto the other arm of each pin. Don't forget to make a pin for your shirt, too.

Next, you'll learn how to keep the Veterans Day festivities going long after the town parade is over.

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Marching Songs

After the Veterans Day parade, you can get everybody marching to a tune of your own.

What You'll Need:



Other percussive instruments

Everyone loves marching songs. If you have ever marched to "Yankee Doodle Dandy" or "When the Saints Go Marching In" you know how much fun these songs add to a parade. You can make up your own Veterans Day marching songs.

Think of themes that go with the holiday, and make up titles such as "Peace Forever" or "War No More." Then write the lyrics to your song. These songs work well if the phrases rhyme.

When you sing the marching songs, call out the lyrics in a loud, clear voice. Use a drum, tambourine, or other instrument to keep the beat while you sing.

To get yourself started, sing these lyrics while you pound your drum: "Today's the day when we all say: No more war! War go away! All our soldiers are home to stay!"

Veterans Day honors the courageous soldiers who have fought to defend freedom. Make your own troop of brave soldiers next.

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Wooden Spoon Soldiers Veterans Day Craft

Wooden Spoon Soldiers

This army of wooden-spoon soldiers will be sure to protect all the ice cream at your Veterans Day party.

What You'll Need:

Wooden ice cream spoons


Construction paper



Aluminum foil


Bring this army to your Veterans Day picnic to protect the food and decorate the table.

Before you make your army, decide what colors the uniforms will be. It will look more realistic if you have all your soldiers wearing the same outfit.

Color a hat and face on the top part of each spoon. Cut out hats from construction paper, and glue them on.

Color the uniforms onto each spoon handle. Don't forget to color the backs of your spoons, too.

Make tiny badges of honor from foil and bits of ribbon, and glue them onto your bravest soldiers. When the glue dries -- one, two, three, march!

Don't let a rainy day ruin your Veterans Day fun. On the next page you'll learn about some raindrops everybody will want to see.

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Patriotic Raindrops

Here are some patriotic raindrops you'll want to let right in the house this Veterans Day.

What You'll Need:

1/2 cup white grape juice

1 package unflavored gelatin

Red and blue food coloring

Mini marshmallows



2 bowls

Cookie sheet

Waxed paper

If the parade's rained out, you can still be patriotic. Make a batch of red and blue raindrops, and serve them up with white marshmallows.

Put the grape juice in a small saucepan, and have an adult cook it on medium heat until it boils. Sprinkle the gelatin on the fruit juice, and mix it until the gelatin dissolves. Be careful, this mixture is hot.

Have an adult pour the mixture into two bowls. Put a few drops of red food coloring in one bowl and a few drops of blue in the other.

Spoon 1-inch raindrop shapes onto the waxed paper. Let them cool for about twenty minutes, then peel them off the paper. Put them on a plate with some mini marshmallows for a victorious Veterans Day dessert.

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