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Valentine's Day Crafts

Blown-Egg Sachet
The Blown-Egg Sachet is a pleasing gift to the nose and eyes.
The Blown-Egg Sachet is a pleasing gift to the nose and eyes.

The Blown-Egg Sachet treats your loved one's nose with a sweetly scented gift.

What You'll Need:


Hat pin



Scented oil

Miniature dried craft flowers

Paints and paintbrush or markers

Cardboard egg carton cup


Ask an adult to help you make the blown egg for your sachet.

Stick a hat pin into the top of a raw egg. Carefully dig away tiny pieces of shell to make an opening 1/8 inch wide. Use the pin to stir the egg inside to break the yolk so it can be blown out. Make a tiny hole in the other end of the egg. Blow through the smallest hole so that the egg's insides come out. Make sure you are holding the egg over a bowl while you blow.

When the egg is empty, run water through it to clean out the rest of the egg. Let the egg dry. Dip a small piece of cotton in scented oil, and carefully insert the cotton into the egg. Poke more tiny holes in the egg, and insert miniature flowers. Use paint or markers to draw hearts around the flowers. For the base, decorate the egg carton cup red or pink, turn it upside-down, and glue the sachet egg onto it. Happy sniffing!

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