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Valentine's Day Crafts

Swinging Valentine Puppet
The Swinging Valentine Puppet is sure
The Swinging Valentine Puppet is sure

The Swinging Valentine Puppet will show you a swinging good time.

What You'll Need:

Red construction paper


4 large colored rubber bands




Cut 2 same-sized hearts out of red construction paper. Make sure they are big enough for your hand to fit inside. Cut four 1-inch hearts to use as the puppet's hands and feet. Cut each rubber band to form a long elastic string. Glue the rubber bands to one of the large hearts to make arms and legs (glue 2 at the top sides and 2 at the bottom sides).

Staple the 2 large hearts together (with the glued rubber bands on the inside). Remember to leave enough room for your hand to fit inside. Glue a small heart to each of the loose ends of the rubber bands. Draw a face on your puppet with markers. If you have made several, draw different expressions to make characters for a Valentine's Day play.

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