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Potato Thanksgiving Turkey

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Potato Thanksgiving Turkey
Who knew a plain potato could be transformed into a cute little turkey?
Who knew a plain potato could be transformed into a cute little turkey?

Kids can start this super-easy craft right after trick-or-treating and takes very little pre-planning.


  • One large, oval potato
  • Toothpicks
  • Construction paper or colored cardboard
  • Scissors


Start by cutting out all the necessary pieces of construction paper for your project. Using fall-colored paper, cut out five to eight feather-shaped pieces - two in each color (red, orange, yellow). These will be the "tail feathers" on the back of your potato. Glue a toothpick to each feather, leaving enough toothpick sticking out so you can stick them into the potato. Cut out two more feathers using brown construction paper - one for each side wing of your turkey. These can be glued straight to the potato. While the glue dries, cut a sturdy, cardboard triangle for the turkey’s head. Color the head brown and the beak yellow, and don't forget to draw eyes on it. Glue the triangle head to a toothpick.

Finally, take all of your toothpick feathers and stick them into the "tail" end of the potato. Stick the turkey head into the front of the potato. Voila! You've got a kids' room Thanksgiving decoration or a piece of tabletop decor all ready for Thanksgiving Day.