pin tail turkey game craft

Help the turkey get his tail feathers back with this fun game.


The goal? Help the turkey get his tail feathers!

  • Large poster board
  • Crayons or magic markers
  • Construction paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Bandanna

First, do a pencil drawing of a giant, goofy-looking turkey with no tail feathers. Once you're happy with your drawing, trace over it with crayons or magic markers, coloring in the body, head, face, eyes and wattle. Make him extra silly by applying googly eyes if you want. Have an adult help you find a place to hang the board. Next, draw a bunch of turkey tail feathers on multicolored pieces of construction paper and cut them out. Place a piece of double sided tape on each of them and lay them flat, tape-side facing upward. Then, take turns with friends and family putting on the blindfold, twirling them around a few times and watching them place the tail feathers on the turkey. Hint: Putting the feathers in all the wrong places can be even funnier than as getting them right on the turkey's tail!