Kwanzaa Crafts

Kwanzaa calendar with seven pockets -- one for each holiday principle.

Kwanzaa Calendar

The Kwanzaa calendar is a kids' craft that is sure to delight everyone. It is fun to make and is as colorful as it is helpful.

What You'll Need:


Felt: 8x11 inches green, 8x8 inches yellow, 8x11 inches red

16x20-inch black pennant



Glittering gold dimensional paint

2 yards and 4 inches yellow satin ribbon (1 inch wide)

Craft glue,

4 yards and 8 inches medium-width bright green rickrack

Tracing paper

1 yard and 14 inches gold metallic cord


Small pocket (cut 6)

Large flap (cut 1)

Small flap (cut 6)

Large pocket (cut 1)

Cut three green, two yellow, and two red 1x5-inch pieces of felt. Carefully write the following words on the felt with dimensional paint (you may want to lightly write the words first in pencil): Unity, Self-Determination, Purpose, Creativity, Sharing by All, Cooperation, and Faith. Let the paint dry, then trim the ends of the felt pieces to within 1/4-inch of the words.

Kwanzaa Crafts

Write the seven principles of Kwanzaa on pieces of felt.

Cut the ribbon into two 17-inch lengths and two 21-inch lengths. Glue the 17-inch lengths of ribbon vertically on the black felt, 1/2 inch from the sides. Cut two 17-inch lengths of rickrack, and glue them side by side on top of each 17-inch length of ribbon.

Fold over and glue the ends of the 17-inch pieces of ribbon and rickrack to the back of the black felt. Glue two 21-inch lengths of ribbon horizontally on the black felt, 1/2 inch from the top and bottom. Glue two 21-inch lengths of rickrack side by side on top of each 21-inch length of ribbon. Fold and glue the ends of the 21-inch pieces of ribbon and rickrack over to the back of the

black felt.

Using the patterns below, trace and cut out pockets and flaps from the felt as follows: three small each from green, two small each from yellow, one small and one large each from red.

Kwanzaa Crafts

Pocket patterns for the Kwanzaa calendar.

Arrange the pockets, flaps, and words on the black felt as shown. To glue the pockets to the black felt, glue the bottom of each pocket first, then slightly push in the sides of the pocket and glue them. (This will loosen the pockets to allow space for gifts.) Glue the top edge of the flaps about 1/4 inch above the pockets. Glue the words above the flaps.

Cut seven 6-inch lengths of gold cord. Tie a bow in each length, then evenly trim the ends. Glue a bow to each pocket flap. Turn the calendar over. For hanger loops, cut two 4-inch lengths of gold cord. Fold each length in half to form a loop, and glue the ends of a loop in each of the top corners on the back of the calendar.

Hosting a feast in celebration of Kwanzaa means making party favors. On the next page, learn how to make party favors in traditional African colors.

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