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Grandparents Day Crafts

Dressy Hanky
Dressy Hanky

Paint one of your Grandma's or Grandpa's favorite things on this special dressy hanky for Grandparents Day!

What You'll Need:

Plain white handkerchief

Wax crayons

Damp towels


To make one of these dressy hankies, draw a design on a plain white handkerchief with a wax crayon. Press firmly so the wax really sticks to the fabric. Think of a design your grandma or grandpa would really like. Do they have a favorite color? A favorite pet or flower? Draw something that will make them know you are really thinking about them.

You might want to write their name and sign yours with a message, too. When you are satisfied with your design, put the handkerchief between 2 damp towels, and ask an adult to help you press it with a warm iron. The wax will melt, and most of the dye from the crayons will stay in the cloth for a permanent design. A homemade hanky is a thoughtful and personal gift. It's useful, too!

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