Try this Fourth of July activity and create a Lady Liberty costume to show your patriotic spirit.

Lady Liberty Costume

Commemorate Independence Day with patriotic Fourth of July activities, like this Lady Liberty Costume.

In 1886, France gave the United States a beautiful lady as a gift. This beautiful lady, the Statue of Liberty, was the first thing millions of immigrants saw on their way to a new life of freedom as their ships came into the New York harbor. Dress up like the Statue of Liberty and celebrate the joys of independence.

What You'll Need:

Green yarn

Green headband

Green poster board


Brown construction paper



Orange spray paint


Nontoxic green face paint

Green bedsheet


Green notebook

How to make the Lady Liberty Costume:

Make a long green wig from yarn held in place by a green headband.

Make a crown (the base should be long enough to go around your head) out of green poster board, staple the ends, and tuck the base of the crown into the headband to hold it more tightly in place.

Roll brown construction paper into a cone and tape it in place for a torch.

Have an adult help you spray paint the cotton orange, and glue it to the top of the torch.

Paint your face and arms with nontoxic green face paint.

Wrap a green bedsheet around you like a sari or a toga, pull on a pair of sandals, grab a green notebook to use as a stone tablet (the original tablet is inscribed with the Declaration of Independence), and march down the street holding your torch high!

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