Cute Valentine's Day Card Ideas for Kids
shoebox card holder

Make something special for that shoebox card holder.


Valentine's Day is coming, and your child has about a thousand people on her card list. Teachers, coaches, family members, friends, friends of friends, frienemies, neighbors and pets all deserve a shout out. It's tradition. Not only that, some of those cards should be super special. Dad needs a card with ribbons all around. He works hard, and this is payback time. When you're 6, Valentine's Day is a perfect opportunity to exercise your creative muscle while you're developing your networking skills. There's also candy involved.

We have a pile of fun, fast and kid-friendly Valentine's Day card ideas that will delight your child and speak to the child in you. If it's been a while since you went a little crazy with a glue stick and glitter, this is your moment to shine.