Danny Shanahan


Within just an afternoon, the handyperson in my life went to the local organic tree farm, cut down a Christmas tree, wrestled into onto the top of the car, dragged it into the house, climbed the ladder to the attic, crawled through a cubbyhole to get to the boxes where we store the Christmas and Hanukkah stuff, and came down and set up the tree and an antique train set. Not only is he the handiest person I know, he's the ultimate weekend work warrior.

People who love to work with their hands have their fair share of aches and pains. For those who work outside, their dry, cracked and chapped hands cry out for moisture. Heat applications and moisturizers are the perfect soothing gift for all the handy people on your list.

Watch this video and find out why these guys need these gifts.

Handy people need these rejuvenating gifts so they can continue to impart their DIY onto others all year long.