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In my house, "'tis the season" also means, it's time to hit the slopes. In many ways, skiers and snowboarders are easy to buy gifts for. It's a pricey industry, and generally gets a thumbs down for eco-friendliness. Lately, some clever folks are creating upcycled projects for discarded ski/snowboard equipment that would make great holiday gifts.

Ski paraphernalia is highly technical, which generally doesn't lend itself to DIY projects. The turnover of damaged equipment is high. There are a lot of skis and snowboards just waiting to be repurposed.

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I once made a skateboard bench with my son. He provided a skateboard that had seen a fine street life, but was ready for retirement. I slung the screwdriver, and we made a bench that still gets nods from even the coolest of teenagers.

My kids are both skiers turned snowboarders, and we've got a few broken boards and damaged skis. Generally, the safe, usable equipment goes to the local swap and sell. This year we're going to repurpose the cast-offs in a similar manner as the skateboard bench.

Green Mountain Ski Furniture recycles old skis and snowboards into ski furniture and usable ski art. They specialize in ski Adirondack chairs, ski benches, ski tables, and ski racks. They will custom design and build products with your old ski and snowboard gear too. With pre-cut and sanded parts, stainless steel hardware, and instructions,

Green Mountain Ski will provide a kit to make this Ski Adirondack Chair:

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If the snowboarder in your life likes doing tricks, try building a snowboard/ski box. Check out this video for the directions: