Ted Fink


Whether they're naughty or nice, our pets love the holidays too. My pooches love all the holiday activity, but they don't always get what they want. Sure, they get unconditional love and romps in the snow. They want more. They want...holiday cookies! My pets have a definite case of cookie envy.

Could there be such a thing as holiday cookie envy? The Washington Post says it's so in an article positioning that, "Dogs Feel Envy - or at Least Grasp Inequity When It Comes To Treats" A study found that dogs that watched another dog get a reward for following a command would start to hesitate, get upset and act frustrated if they were not rewarded for the same behavior. I could have guessed that theory. In my home, it's been proven to be true for my pets and human treats too.

Is holiday cookie envy barking up a winter storm in your home? If your pooch is breathing down your neck, telling you that they want a healthy treat, whip up a batch of these biscuits. (These are so healthy, I think I have holiday biscuit envy!)