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Gift Guide for Lawn and Garden Enthusiasts

Garden Tools for the DIYer
Garden gloves make a great present, like this cute pair worn by Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr.
Garden gloves make a great present, like this cute pair worn by Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr.
Mike Coppola/FilmMagic/Getty Images

This year, you could wrap up a suite of standard garden tools, like a trowel, fork and pruner. Or you could give a high-tech weed assassin. The Rittenhouse Electro Weeder uses heat to obliterate weeds. The tool's ceramic tip heats to a whopping 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200 degrees Celsius); simply push the tip into a weed and proffer a death sentence that reaches all the way to a weed's roots.

Likewise, you can't go wrong with garden gloves. We prefer Ethel for its lovely patterns and Atlas for its precision fit. In fact, Atlas gloves were initially designed for industrial workers who needed not only gloves, but ones that allowed them to position minute materials.

If the vintage garden marker at Anthropologie were a suitor, we'd have eloped by now. We just can't resist the charm of repurposed silverware that's been etched with a word like "parsley" or "lavender." Not only does it bring order to our garden, but an inspired dash of whimsy, as well.

Better still are the Anthropologie's seed bombs. If you're into guerilla gardening (and who isn't?), these soil and seed balls can simply be thrown into one's yard or garden -- no need to dig a hole -- and wildflowers will begin to grow. The seed mixtures are region specific, they're designed to attract butterflies and birds, and they even come in a cat-friendly version with catnip.

For all the good eggs on your list, opt for "egglings." When cracked open, these ceramic eggs from Red Envelope reveal organic soil and ready-to-grow seeds. Soon, there will be strawberry, mint and petunia plants growing from these unique windowsill containers.

If you're ready to thrill a serious yard master, check out the ideas on the next page.

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