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Classic Zipper Pull

Ever made a friendship bracelet with lanyard? If so, you may already have the skills you need to create this classic zipper pull. This cool craft project puts a spin on the traditional square stitch by making it a spiral square stitch.

And, you'll also learn how to add bead accents. Make a twisty zipper pull for your favorite jacket or raincoat, or it can be come an eye-catching key chain.

What You'll Need:

Two lanyard laces: 1-1/3 yards blue, 1-1/3 yards red

Lanyard clip



What To Do:

1. Insert one end of the red lace through the lanyard clip. Position the clip at the center of the lace. Place the center of the blue lanyard lace below the clip.

2. Fold the top red lace down over the blue lace. Fold the left blue lace to the right over the top red lace.

Fold carefully to start your lanyards off right.

3. Fold the back red lace up over the front blue lace. Fold the back blue lace over the right red lace and under the left red lace.

Can you see the square shape forming?

4. Pull all laces tight. Insert the anchor lace or safety pin through the lanyard clip to anchor.

5. Diagonally fold the top red lace down over the left blue lace. Diagonally fold the bottom red lace up over the right blue lace.

Aim at an angle, not straight across.

6. Diagonally fold the left blue lace over the red lace closest to it and under the other red lace.

Go over and then under with the blue lace.

7. Diagonally fold the right blue lace over the red lace closest to it and under the other red lace.

Now the next square is forming...

8. Pull all laces tight. Repeat steps 5 through 7 to make 1-3/4 inches of braid.

9. Tie all the laces together in a tight knot. Trim the ends to 1-1/2 inches. Remove the anchor.

Variation for the Spiral Square StitchWhat You'll Need:

Four different colored lanyard laces: 3 yards each plus an additional 6-inch piece

Lanyard clip



Three pony beads, 6x9mm

What To Do:

1. Hold all 3-yard laces together with ends even. Insert the laces through the lanyard clip. Position the clip at the center of the laces.

2. Wrap the 6-inch piece of lace around the folded laces below the clip. Tie the 6-inch lace in a knot. Trim the ends. Insert the anchor lace or safety pin through the clip to anchor.

3. Keeping color groups together, separate the laces as shown in the photo below.

4. Follow the square stitch technique explained in steps 2 and 3 of the classic zipper pull directions above. Pull laces tight.

5. Follow the spiral square stitch technique in steps 5 through 7 of the Classic Zipper Pull directions, keeping color groups together. Pull laces tight. Continue stitching until you have 3/4 inch of braid.

6. To add a bead, separate out four laces, one of each color. Thread these four laces through a pony bead. Push the bead directly under the braid. The other laces will fall on the outside of the bead.

Cool colors, twisty shape, and bead accents -- what's not to like?

7. Regroup the lace colors below the bead and follow the same stitching and beading techniques as listed in steps 5 and 6 of these directions to continue.

To finish, pull all the laces tight after the last stitch. Tie the laces in a knot. Trim the ends and remove the anchor.

To transform this zipper pull into a key chain, simply clip it to a split ring, which is available at any craft store. Now Mom and Dad -- or you, for that matter -- can keep all their keys in one place with this cool key chain.

For your next trick: The zippiest zipper pull of all. Learn to use lanyard and beads in yet another way on the next page.

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