How to Make Beaded Pins

Slide the medium safety pin through the small pins.

Friendship Pins

Make new friends with these friendship pins. Make up a batch to give give to friends at the end of summer, or the end of the school year, and keep a few on hand to give to new friends that you make along the way.

What You'll Need (for each pin):
  • 4 small safety pins
  • small beads
  • 1 medium safety pin

Step 1: Thread beads onto the arms of four small safety pins, and close them. Create different bead patterns by changing the order in which you thread them.

Step 2: Slide the beaded pins onto the last safety pin, with the beaded pins hanging by the safety-pin head.

Step 3: Hand out your finished jewelry masterpieces, and show the world that real friends stick together!

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