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How to Make Beaded Key Chains

You'll never lose your keys with this cool key chain.
You'll never lose your keys with this cool key chain.

When you're looking for a craft project -- for yourself or for the kids -- why not choose something practical, as well as colorful and fun? This article will show you how to make beaded key chains so eye-catching that missing car keys and house keys will be a thing of the past!

There's no glue or sewing involved, and the instructions for each beaded key chain include a carefully illustrated step-by-step guide that you'll find simple to follow (although the smallest crafters may need some assistance with some of these projects). Your biggest decisions? Which one will you make first -- and will you keep it for yourself, or give it to a deserving friend?

This article will tell you how to make the following beaded key chains:

High-Flying Kite: This breezy beaded key chain is bound to catch the eye of everyone around.

Cool Key Chain: Simple, yet snazzy, this key chain can be made in a variety of colors and is perfect for every key-owner on your list.

In "Plane" Sight: Whether you love aviation, or just love knowing where your keys are, you'll enjoy this uplifting beaded key chain.

Heartbreaker: A heart-shaped beauty, this key chain can be sassy or sweet.

Wingin' It Butterfly: Once you've mastered the beading, choose a new selection of colors for this key chain to create a variety of butterflies.

Hip-Hip Hooray Cheerleader: Have a passion for cheering -- or know someone who does? This cute key chain will help you tell the world!

Want to make one of your own? Continue to the next page to get started on a fun key chain that looks like a kite.

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