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How to Make Beaded Headbands

Mystic Halo Headband
Use iridescent beads to make this headband pop.
Use iridescent beads to make this headband pop.

Surround your hair with a halo of color as you learn how to make this beaded headband. This mystic halo headband will mystify all your friends with a colorful rainbow design!

What You'll Need:

13 inches nylon line

16 crimp beads

7 iridescent faceted beads in assorted colors, 5mm

2 jump rings

2 fold-over crimpers

8-3/4-inches flat elastic, 1/4-inch wide

Needle-nose pliers


Step 1: String a crimp bead onto one end of the nylon line, and crimp down 1 inch from the end of the line.

Step 2: String on the first faceted bead and a crimp bead, and slide them up against the first crimp bead. Crimp snugly in place.

Step 3: String on another crimp bead and crimp down 1 inch from the previous crimp bead, then add the next faceted bead and another crimp bead and crimp snugly in place.

Step 4: Repeat step 3 until all the faceted beads have been crimped in place.

Step 5: Set this piece aside until step 8.

Step 6: Put a jump ring through the hole of each fold-over crimper.

Step 7: Insert one end of the elastic in the flat area of a fold-over crimper. Using needle-nose pliers, fold in each side of the crimper. Repeat with the other crimper and the other end of the elastic.

Step 8: Attach the jump rings to the beaded line at both ends. Make sure you leave a 1-inch space between the jump rings and the faceted beads.

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